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You and Me


Choosing a therapist and finding a good fit is essential. I highly suggest scheduling consultations with several therapists to find the best fit. Click here to contact me for a 20-minute consultation, free of charge.


How I work with you:


I use active listening, curiosity, connection, attunement, empathy, and unconditional care free from judgement to build a trusting relationship with you. I collaborate with you to identify tools for self-regulation, emotional protection, and self-soothing. I use creative and imaginative ways (such as the expressive arts) to identify and explore your feelings and inner parts. Inner parts can include our younger selves, wiser selves, inner abusers, inner critics, inner addicts, people pleasers, protectors, etc. I use creativity to learn more from these parts, including the knowledge they hold, their purpose, their history, and their needs. I gently connect your current experiences with your past, including your childhood and intergenerational trauma. I explore how inner parts, behaviors, and patterns have served and protected you, and also how they might no longer serve you. I bring your attention to your body to learn the body’s wisdom, needs, and tools to regulate. If desired, I will provide you with psychoeducation on trauma and other things, and connect you to resources. Read my blog post on trauma here.


As a result from our work together, you will have....

  • More connection to yourself and others

  • Feelings of being less alone, and more accepted and loved

  • Less need for others' approval

  • More manageability of behaviors that no longer serve you

  • Less inner-criticism

  • Relief, as if a weight is lifted

  • Empowered and mindful choices

  • More self-understanding, including your roots, patterns, triggers, warning signs, strengths, and tools

  • New tools to regulate and ground yourself, and you will get less triggered

  • More understanding of your inner parts, their purposes and needs, and they will be more in harmony

  • More capacity for big feelings

  • Improved relationships

  • More happiness, joy, and freedom

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