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Frequently Asked Questions:


Is this group for me?

Have you felt isolated and disconnected from others, both physically and emotionally? Have you felt disconnected from yourself and reality, just coasting through the days? Have you been engaging in behaviors to avoid and escape your feelings? Would you like to feel connected and supported? Do you have the desire to connect to your own feelings and experience in order to learn and grow from them?  Do you feel alone, even when you are not? Would you like to feel more serenity and joy?

How big will the group be?

The group will have 4-6 participants. There may be occasional absences, which means there might be as few as 3 participants for a session, but hopefully not!

Is everyone welcome to join and will it feel safe?

Anyone age 21 and above in California can join. This group will be welcoming of people from diverse backgrounds, especially BIPOC and LGBTQI folks. I, the facilitator, will  be intentional about creating safety, equity, and inclusion, through practicing cultural humility and acknowledging power and privilege.

How is a therapy group different than individual therapy?

Group therapy can be powerful because it's a space for feeling mutual experience and empathy. Group therapy participants often feel validated by hearing others with similar experiences, including experiences of disconnection and isolation. It's also a space for mutual support and learning. It's an opportunity for building community.

How much does the group cost and how does payment work?

The 8-week group is $400 in total, $50/session. The total is to be paid up front, though payment plans are available if needed. Payments are accepted via debit card, credit card, or bank transfer.

What if I can’t come to all the sessions? 

It's best for you and the group if you can make all 8 sessions. However, even if you miss one or two sessions you will still benefit. I will make sure participants get any assignments given during missed sessions. Please inform me and the group if you have to miss any sessions. If you know in advance you’ll miss multiple sessions, it may be best to wait for another round of the group, though there can be no promise of future groups.

Can I get a refund for missed sessions or if I decide to leave the group:

Unfortunately, there will be no refunds after group starts or for missed sessions.

How do I register for the group?

Email, call 510-239-7969, or click the "register" button. Registration and payment is due by September 1st.

Where and when will the group meet?

The group will meet via telehealth/video conferencing on Monday nights 6-7:30pm September 13-November 1, 2021.

How will I know if I like the group without trying it first?

In our required 30-minute consultation assessment (free of charge), I will explain the group and you can get a feel for me, the facilitator.

What topics will be explored?

This group is centered around feeling disconnected from others, as well as ourselves, as well as feeling isolated. The goal is to connect to ourselves and each other, and to leave group with learned tools and practice of ways to connect.

How are sessions structured?

Each session will have the same structure and containment: a grounding/mindfulness activity, check-in, a guided expressive arts activity, sharing and discussion, and a closing. There will sometimes be home practice's in-between sessions. 

What if I don't want to participate in an activity or share with the group?

All activities in group are optional. I want you to feel safe.

What types of activities will we do?

The types of expressive arts and mindfulness activities will depend on the actual group of participants. Possible activities include guided meditation, drawing, writing, dance, music, movement, collage, icebreakers, and other creative activities. 

What if I don't have experience or training with the arts?

No experience or training are necessary! Expressive arts therapy is about the process and experience of using creativity to explore and express yourself. I will encourage participants to not judge what is created, but to instead bring your beginner's mind and let your inner child shine.

Let me know you're interested and some info about you.

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